Ordering from the International Moss Stock Center (IMSC)

For your request please complete the request form (pdf file) and send it to the IMSC (IMSC[at]biologie.uni-freiburg.de).


Transgenic lines: 150 € per plant *

Wildtypes: 20 € per plant *

* Handling fee: 30 € per order. An additional shipping fee will be added for each order.

Shipping fee

As the rates have to be adjusted to the volume and the mode of shipment of your specific request, please contact us to clarify the costs of postage and packing.


The invoice is included in the shipment. It will indicate the number of plants and the total charges.

Payment is expected within 30 days.

Payment should be in € (Euros). Please quote the invoice number.

Payments can be made in the form of a bank transfer or by cheque. (Full details of how to pay will be sent with the invoice.)